9 Best Beaches to Find Shark Teeth in Florida [2022]

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This is a list of the best beaches to find shark teeth in Florida.

Hunting for black fossilized shark teeth?

Maybe a rare Megalodon shark tooth?

Amelia Island Shark Tooth

You’ll love this list!

Let’s dive right in.

Here are the most popular and off the beaten path places to find shark teeth:

  1. Caspersen Beach
  2. Venice Beach
  3. Nokomis Beach
  4. Blind Pass Beach
  5. Stump Pass Beach State Park
  6. Ponte Vedra Beach
  7. Amelia Island
  8. North Jetty Beach
  9. Juno Beach Park
Caspersen Beach Florida Shark Teeth

Caspersen Beach

4100 Harbor Dr, Venice, FL

Caspersen Beach is the best beach to find shark teeth in Florida. It’s quiet and more secluded than Venice Beach. There’s free parking, outdoor showers and public bathrooms.

Since it’s not an “ideal” swimming beach, it’s not crowded. It’s considered one of the best shelling beaches in the area for sea shells, shark teeth, sand dollars and more. The beach is rocky and only gets rockier as you walk South.

How to find shark teeth on Caspersen Beach?

Look for beach areas that are full of shells. Rake and sift the sand and shells until you find a shark tooth. You don’t need a sifter, but it makes things easier.

For more advanced shark tooth hunting, walk out to neck deep (about 5 feet depth). This depth tends to have more undiscovered black shark teeth.

On average, you can find 4-10 shark teeth per hour. Just bring water shoes, a screen or sifter and sunscreen. Considering it’s one of the most popular sharks teeth Florida beaches, you’ll find everyone looking for the same thing.

Venice Beach

201 The Esplanade S, Venice, FL

Sharks Teeth Venice Beach Florida

Known as: Best beach to find shark teeth in Florida

Venice Beach is considered the shark tooth capital of the world. About 4-8 million years ago, Florida was mostly submerged under water. 1.5 million years ago, Florida started to take shape of what it is today. It wasn’t until 100,000-150,000 years ago, that the waters receded.

Ancient Florida was infested with sharks. The prehistoric sharks died and their teeth were fossilized over time. Luckily for shark tooth hunting, Venice Beach sits on a 18-35 foot deep fossil layer.

As hurricanes and tropical storms beat the fossil layer, the shark teeth end up on shore. This is why Venice Beach, Florida shark teeth hunting is so popular!

How to find shark teeth on Venice Beach

There are multiple ways to find shark teeth. You can scan the sand (inefficient). The best way is to bring a sifter, strainer or rake. You can rake the sand to loosen it up and sift it to find 1/8″ to 3/4″ shark teeth.

At the Venice Fishing Pier, you can also buy a Venice “snow” shovel basket. It’s the most efficient way of searching the best beaches to find shark teeth in Florida.

To find Megalodon shark teeth, you’ll need snorkeling or scuba dividing equipment and go further out in the water. Another option is to hire a shark tooth diving charter, which specializes in scuba diving for shark teeth in Venice, Florida.

Nokomis Beach

115 S Casey Key Rd, Nokomis, FL 34275

Nokomis Beach Sea Shells

Nokomis Beach is one of the best shelling beaches in Sarasota County and is a great place for shark tooth hunting. The more South you walk, the better chances you’ll find shark teeth.

You can expect to find about 2-5 black shark teeth per hour if you use a Venice “snow” shovel basket. The beach is filled with sea shells, so it’s a good idea to bring water shoes.

There is lots of free parking, public bathrooms and even a place to eat. Shark Tooth Beach Concessions is one of the restaurants on the water in Venice, Florida. You’ll find shrimp tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket sandwiches, hot dogs and french fries.

Blind Pass Beach

7770 Manasota Key Rd, Englewood, FL

Shark Teeth from Blind Pass Beach

Blind Pass Beach on Manasota Key is one of the best sharks teeth Florida beaches. It’s secluded, not crowded and off the beaten path. Locals love to come here to find ancient shark teeth.

Best place to look for shark teeth on Blind Pass Beach

The best place to find prehistoric shark teeth is near the shoreline. When the tide comes in, sea shells and shark teeth come in as well. Especially during the summer months after a tropical storm.

The water does drop 1-2 feet when you walk in. This is a great place to go diving for those large prehistoric shark teeth. So make sure to bring some snorkeling equipment.

Blind Pass Beach is not too touristy, so you can collect shark teeth in peace.

Stump Pass Beach State Park

900 Gulf Blvd, Englewood, FL

Shark Teeth from Stump Pass Beach State Park

Stump Pass Beach State Park has one of the best beaches to find shark teeth in Florida. Located at the most Southern tip of Manasota Key in Englewood, FL.

It’s a secluded beach that’s far from tourists. Other than shark tooth hunting, it’s a great place to watch dolphins and manatees swim by.

You’ll find fossilized sharks teeth on the beach and the sandbar. The sandbar is about 10 feet away from shore and is great place to start your hunt. If you’re into diving, you can comfortably swim about 30 feet from shore to have better luck finding shark teeth.

Expect to find about 5-9 shark teeth per hour here if you bring a Venice “snow” shovel. The most ideal time to go is after a rough summer storm. Parking is $3 per car.

Ponte Vedra Beach

4265 Mickler Rd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ponte Vedra Beach

The best place to find shark teeth on Ponte Vedra Beach is at Mickler’s Landing. The scenery is beautiful, the beach is full of sea shells and the Atlantic Ocean is very warm. What’s not to love?

Bring a Florida “snow” shovel and sift through the sand. You’ll find anywhere from 5-7 small shark teeth per hour. You might have to do some digging, but it’s well worth it.

Mickler Beach is a secluded beach that’s not too touristy. It’s easily one of the best beaches to find shark teeth in Florida.

Compared to the other sharks teeth Florida beaches we talked about, the parking lot is small and tends to fill up quick! We highly recommend coming early.

Amelia Island

2601 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL

Amelia Island Shark Tooth

The best place to find shark teeth on Amelia Island is on Fort Clinch State Park beach. There are lots of shark teeth and it’s not too crowded.

The sand is always replenished from the nearby shipping channel and the summer storms. You’ll find sea shells, sharks teeth and beautiful scenery. It’s also an amazing place to watch the sunset.

North Jetty Beach

1000 S Casey Key Rd, Nokomis, FL

North Jetty Beach is in between Nokomis Beach and Venice Beach. The best time to look for fossil shark teeth is during low tide so you can walk further in the water. After the tide comes in, it brings in new things from the Gulf of Mexico.

You’ll also find one of the smallest restaurants on the water in Venice, Florida. It’s a great place to order a cuban sandwich or Mahi Mahi sandwich when you want to take a break.

Juno Beach Park

14775 US-1, Juno Beach, FL

June Beach Park is a great place to hunt for shark teeth. Come after a big storm and sift through the sea shells. You will find anywhere from 1-4 shark teeth per hour. It’s fun, relaxing and a great activity for kids.

Map of the Best Beaches to Find Shark Teeth in Florida

We created a map of the best beaches to find shark teeth in Florida near your location.